Thursday, July 17, 2008

Better Burger Name Reviewed

by Lauren Teton, using the Teton NameScale

This name is excellent!
Who wouldn't want a "better burger"? If you're happy with your regular old burger, that's fine. But the Better Burger chain in Manhattan, makes a big claim using the superlative "better" and happily, they deliver on their promise by proudly offering wholesome foods including:

* meat and poultry that are antibiotic, hormone & nitrate free - some organic
* burgers and dogs made from 100% meat, poultry or fish with no fillers
* a majority of their burgers are lower in fat and calories than the chains

The stores are bright, very clean, slick, modern and appealing. (And by first hand experience I can tell you that the food is very good.)

The name "Better Burger" itself works on several levels.

It uses:
*the superlative "Better"
*alliteration with the B's,
*two symmetrical words, of two syllables each with accent on the first syllable of each, matching length, and ending in matching "er"s.
If that's not enough, the words succinctly and accurately describe the product and are memorable and fun to say.
Teton NameScale Score for Better Burger - 8 out of 10

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