Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kerasal Name Reviewed


by Lauren Teton, using the Teton NameScale

Today’s Name for Review: Cariso? No, Kerasal.
Have you ever heard the radio ad for the foot ointment that sounds like Carasow? Keriso? Karisol? Carousel? I have never been able to understand what they are saying. So what would I look for in the drugstore if I wanted to purchase it? (It is actually Kerasal.)

How about the radio ad for eHarmony? They announced the name several times in the ad before I had the slightest notion what they were saying. It was not enunciated clearly, but more or less “gulped.”

Did you know that Chateau Neuf de Pape became one of the most popular wines in America in the ‘70s, (or so the story goes) because it was easy to pronounce? (Or was it because of its unusually high alcohol content, hmm?)

The moral? If you want people to remember the name of your product, first let them hear it correctly. Spell the word out in a radio ad if the sound is ambiguous. Better yet, choose a name with hard consonants and without “sound-alike letters” in it if you plan to advertise verbally.


Lauren Teton was quoted on candy names in the April edition of Confectioner magazine. Excerpts:
FastBreak - "A great name. It’s got a double meaning. It’s sporty, and it also gets the message across that you’re going to take a little break from your work day."

Too Tarts - "The alliteration of the two t’s is good. It’s descriptive. It communicates a meaning."

Overload - "To me the name says sensory overload and that your senses can’t handle it, it’s so good. It hit an emotional button with me, but to others, it sounded like too much fat, too much sugar."

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Aircast Name Reviewed


by Lauren Teton, using the Teton NameScale

After a bizarre tennis accident years ago, I was introduced by my orthpedist to a product with the brand name “Aircast.”

This name is simple and creates an unforgettable picture in the mind, even if you have never seen an Aircast. It is a plastic cast cushioned with foam filled aircells that one pumps up for a comfortable custom fit around the damaged joint (my fractured fibula!).

Scoring Aircast on the Teton NameScale: This name has a clear, appropriate message and is composed of familiar words that get the point across beautifully and create a picture, in a mere 2 syllables.

Teton NameScale Score for Aircast - 7

Names are scored on the Teton NameScale from approximately 0 to 10, leaving the possiblilty that some names may score outside this range.
0 is a low score, 10 is a very high or exemplary score.

Better Burger Name Reviewed

by Lauren Teton, using the Teton NameScale

This name is excellent!
Who wouldn't want a "better burger"? If you're happy with your regular old burger, that's fine. But the Better Burger chain in Manhattan, makes a big claim using the superlative "better" and happily, they deliver on their promise by proudly offering wholesome foods including:

* meat and poultry that are antibiotic, hormone & nitrate free - some organic
* burgers and dogs made from 100% meat, poultry or fish with no fillers
* a majority of their burgers are lower in fat and calories than the chains

The stores are bright, very clean, slick, modern and appealing. (And by first hand experience I can tell you that the food is very good.)

The name "Better Burger" itself works on several levels.

It uses:
*the superlative "Better"
*alliteration with the B's,
*two symmetrical words, of two syllables each with accent on the first syllable of each, matching length, and ending in matching "er"s.
If that's not enough, the words succinctly and accurately describe the product and are memorable and fun to say.
Teton NameScale Score for Better Burger - 8 out of 10

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Name Review - Muzak

by Lauren Teton


Muzak is the highest scoring name ranked to date. It uses the magic 5 letter construction, with alternating consonant-vowel-consonant structure. It contains 2 of the highest scoring letters from Scrabble. And the name describes exactly what the product is. That is, Muzak gives the impression of music, but is really something unique unto itself.
Teton NameScale Score - 10

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The Teton NameScale

The Teton NameScale is the first objective system able to give names a numeric point score, based on how good or bad they are.

Lauren Teton, partner at the product naming firm Name One! has created this formula, called the Teton NameScale for ranking the success quotient of names. It is based on the linguistic premise that most product names are neutral, but some names are much better, and some names are worse than the mean. Ranking characteristics range from pronunciation and spelling, to how much fun they are to say, and do they contain the letters S-E-X. Name traits are given point values in the proprietary formula so that one name can actually be scored against another.

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