Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Name Review - Muzak

by Lauren Teton


Muzak is the highest scoring name ranked to date. It uses the magic 5 letter construction, with alternating consonant-vowel-consonant structure. It contains 2 of the highest scoring letters from Scrabble. And the name describes exactly what the product is. That is, Muzak gives the impression of music, but is really something unique unto itself.
Teton NameScale Score - 10

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The Teton NameScale

The Teton NameScale is the first objective system able to give names a numeric point score, based on how good or bad they are.

Lauren Teton, partner at the product naming firm Name One! has created this formula, called the Teton NameScale for ranking the success quotient of names. It is based on the linguistic premise that most product names are neutral, but some names are much better, and some names are worse than the mean. Ranking characteristics range from pronunciation and spelling, to how much fun they are to say, and do they contain the letters S-E-X. Name traits are given point values in the proprietary formula so that one name can actually be scored against another.

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